Today’s Lunch Specials

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Each day, we prepare a menu of lunch specials for our diners in addition to to the favorites that appear on the Bender’s Tavern lunch menu. Check the website daily for the newest specials, including a daily side, soups du jour, and a selection beef, seafood, pasta and sandwich entrees.

Lunch Specials for April 24rd, 2015


Vegetable of the Day: Brussel Sprouts

        Daily Side: Red Beans & Rice

        Soup Du Jour: Manhattan Clam Chowder or

          Creamy Celery & Roquefort


Rigatoni al Pesto w/ Bay Shrimp

Parmesan cream & grape tomatoes

Served with a small lettuce salad 9.95


Ramp, Morel & White Cheddar Quiche

Bender fries, artisan greens 9.95


Lightly Fried Select Oysters

Bender fries & coleslaw 10.75


Seared Atlantic Salmon

w/Coconut Curry Cream

Scallion-shiitake black rice, asparagus 12.95


Stuffed Shrimp Diavalo

Crispy polenta, rapini  12.95


Provencal Seafood Stew w/Aioli

Potatoes, tomatoes & fennel in a saffron-leek broth 9.75


Grilled Chicken Breast w/Charmoula

Hummus, brussel sprouts 9.85


Slow Roasted Angus Sirloin, Marsala Jus

Crispy potato cake, brussel sprouts 8.99


Russian Club

Pastrami, roast beef, bacon & swiss with lettuce, tomato, red onion & russian dressing on multigrain

Served with a cup of soup  8.50


Smoked Salmon-Avocado Wrap

Lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, & aioli

on a spinach wrap 8.50

½ wrap and a cup of soup 8.50


Shrimp Louis Salad

Shredded lettuce, tomatoes, chopped egg,

bay shrimp & Sauce Louis 8.75



Bender’s Parking Policy:  

With purchase over $22-FREE Parking;   $1.50  

CREDIT W/$12-$22 Please give your ticket to your

server for validation !


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